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Monday, January 18, 2016

Access Mob Pittsburgh

Introducing my new project... Access Mob Pittsburgh!

Image: The handicap symbol in black inside a gold triangle, with "Access Mob" written on top and "Pittsburgh" underneath.
Image: The handicap symbol in black inside a gold triangle, with "Access Mob" written on top and "Pittsburgh" underneath.

Access Mob Pittsburgh promotes social advancement through positive change.

The Americans with Disabilities Act is a complaint-driven law that requires individuals with disabilities to sue businesses in order to be granted basic civil rights and gives the public a negative image of people with visible differences. The goals of the Access Mob are to bring communities together to advocate for change through positive measures.

In the spirit of Flash Mobs, this is a space for discussion and organization of Accessibility Mobs. Accessibility Mobs can be (but are not limited to) any one of the following:

* Organizing groups to canvass neighborhoods to do censuses of sidewalks, intersections, and cut curbs in residential areas and business districts.

* Organizing groups to canvass business and retail areas to evaluate the level of accessibility individual businesses according to ADA and ABA standards.

* Ramp Crawls, Shopping Crawls, and related activities to reward businesses who are ADA compliant, to show the collective buying power or people with disabilities, and to demonstrate to a range of businesses that yes, people who are disabled like going out to night clubs and fancy restaurants.

* "Un-Protests" - Approaching businesses that are not accessible and expressing to them that people with disabilities want to spend money there, and that people who are currently fully-abled want to continue patronizing should they become disabled in the future. 

Join our Meetup by clicking here and our Facebook group by clicking here!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

I'm Back!

Hello, internet!

I'm back and ready to update my blog after far too long an absence. Apart from the holidays being wonderful and fun and family-filled and not a time to write, my laptop pretty much died on me. But my cousin Rich went all Frankenstein on it, so now I have a somewhat quirky but overall functional computer again. Woohoo!