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Friday, October 30, 2015

Thursday Night Lights

Patricia V left a comment on my post about my walker:

I would love to know HOW you add the lights. Where did you get them? Are they battery powered? I want to add lights to my walker but don't know how! Thanks.

Here's a quick video I whipped up on my lights, since it felt like showing was easier and quicker than writing:

As for where I got my lights, I've gotten most of mine from either Amazon or Target. Most Targets have a section in the back year-round with Christmas lights and some of these are cute and battery-operated. Otherwise I've spent many an hour on Amazon looking up "battery string lights" and similar searches, and I have a range of things for various times of year. These are the lights I have on the lower bar year-round so I can be visible while crossing streets at nights. These are what I had on for the spring and early summer. These are what I have on now.

One recommendation I would give is to get a ziplock baggie and put the battery pack in there - I've had the wonderful experience of a set of lights getting rained on and the whole thing shorting out and melting.

I hope you found this helpful! I'd love to see photos of what you do with your walker!

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