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Saturday, February 14, 2015


So long as I'm pic spamming my blog... Recently I had to take my laptop into the shop for repairs because my graphics card was dying and giving me multiple kernel panics a day, and as part of Apple's going over my machine looking for faulty components they wound up replacing my be-stickered but slightly cracked and burned-out screen. I decided this time to have a theme to what I put on, so without further ado, my new laptop screen:

Photograph. A laptop screen with multiple stickers. From top left to bottom right by row they read: A 1950's style cartoon man holding up a cane with the words "Do not get in my way! I have a stick and I'm quite prepared to use it!" - An orange ribbon with butterfly wings that reads "MS Warrior." - A Banksy-style elderly woman using graffiti to cross out B-O-L-L-O-X and replace it with B-O-L-L-O-C-K-S. - A man sitting in a throne made out of canes. - The Dave Matthews Band fire dancer symbol made out of watercolor flowers, surrounded by more watercolor flowers. - A series of Star Wars AT-AT Walkers in funny poses with text reading "The Imperial Council of Silly Walkers." - A sticker that just contains the word "Criptastic." - A Banksy-style cartoon of a police officer in riot gear chasing after an elderly person using a walker and carrying a flag with the Anarchy symbol. - A cartoon of a woman with disproportionately large eyes and mouth to look horrified with text that reads "Of all the things I've lost … I miss my Myelin the most." - A smiling stick figure person using a wheelchair with text that reads "I do all of my own stunts!"

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