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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Trudge Cam #1

Text taken from YouTube: Video taken for my blog which can be found here:

Pittsburgh's public spaces are not kept in repair. The mayor recently addressed the accessibility of the Downtown areas for both bicycles and for people with disabilities, which I think is fantastic, but there are problems that people who use assistive devices face that are not so obvious.

This is taken of a typical walk from very close to my house up to the bus stop so I could get to a medical appointment. There is some swearing at the end after I first get cut off by some jagoff in an SUV and then in the adrenaline-fueled shock that came from nearly flipping over on a sidewalk edge.

Video is vertical because there wasn't a good way to attach my phone to my walker the other way around. I sound nasal because it was less than 20° out.

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